The gut-brain connection essentially means that the brain has direct effect on the stomach and the digestive tract and vice versa.  A troubled brain will send signals to the gut and a trouble gut will send signals to the brain.  For example, a distressed stomach or intestinal tract could lead to anxiety or depression, but anxiety and depression could also lead to stomach distress.  An important thing to focus on if you have irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive disorders but has had no history of such or no obvious reason for the development of the disorder, is whether there is chronic stress in your life.  If there has been a high level of stress in your life, maybe as a result of being overworked, a relational issue, or a fear, then it could be contributing to your digestive issues.  And the same is also true in reverse.  If you are experiencing digestive issues, this could lead to additional stress or difficultly coping and managing situations that they usually do not have issues with.  It will be important to have a thorough assessment of both the mental and physical status to determine what may be the most effective integrative approach to healing.  Health and wellness coaches (like myself) are able to do this for you! It will be important to address these issues holistically, meaning both the mental and physical concerns at the same time.  To address the physical ailments you may be facing, nutritional therapy and developing a meal plan that is effective in treating IBS or digestive disorders such as a low FODMAP diet could be helpful.  At the same time, integrating some mind-body medicine practices such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and guided imagery may help to alleviate some of the added stress that you are experiencing.  Together, nutritional support as well as spiritual support, you may begin to see improvements in both the gut and the mind. 

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