• Set-up: We are going on a journey together. I can’t say where or how we’ll get there, just that we are going. You get to choose all the things you would like to bring along. We’ve plenty of room. There are five categories of things to bring. You’ll have 3 mins per category to write down as many items as you like.
  • Categories:
    • physical
    • spiritual
    • emotional
    • anything else you’d like to bring
    • imagine the destination
  • Add the title “The Journey into Myself,” and notice the metaphor you created.

The Journey into Myself

I will need my favorite sweatshirt, teddy bear, grandmothers sacred heart, ‘independence’ ring, lip balm, sunscreen, journal, colored pens, hiking boots, hygiene bag, art supplies, glitter, water, coffee, fruit, and a camera.

I will bring strength and peace wherever I go. Light and happiness will follow me. Prayer and meditation to connect me. I want to take my creativity, wisdom, and honesty with me. I want to walk alongside my protector. I will bring hope and Love above all else.

I want to take confusion and anxiety. These things will bring me into unexplored areas with urgency. They will transform to clarity and confidence. I’ll bring my fear of the unknown, and curiosity as well. I’ll bring apathy and misery, anger, and guilt. With these, I can experience freedom and happiness.

I want to have a weapon to defend myself, a compass to guide me in whichever direction I’m meant to travel, some kind of vehicle to help me make it to the end. I want to have a ticket home just to motivate me, knowing I can go back or use my strength to carry on.

I will recognize this place by a beautiful display of light and color comprising the sunset. It will be perfect, and I will want to stay forever. Music will play and beings of this world will come together in an embrace of open hearts full of Love. It is Death Valley, and the Fountain of Youth.

Response to Activity: New awareness. This life is a journey, just like the course of a river it is in a state of constant change. While writing this, I envisioned where I want to go and what I want to do. I watched myself wander through the woods in morning fog, drive down open roads all day, and run around cities at night. I saw myself cower in fear, stand with bravery, break down in sorrow and rejoice with excitement. Most of all I saw peace. If nothing else, I will always have Faith…and therefore Love. This is a journey into me.

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