Mental Health

Mindfulness: Exercises to help you get started

What is Mindfulness? While you’re reading this post, you may or may not be paying full attention.  If your mind’s somewhere else, you might miss a thing or two, so keep your full attention to what this post will tell you. If you heed my advice, then congratulations! You’re being mindful. But wait, what does…

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Sleep Hygiene: 7 Simple Steps to Better Sleep

Did you know that your sleep accounts to a quarter or even up to a third of your whole lifespan?  Sleep is for the weak? I strongly disagree! Come to think of it, sleep is a major part of your life. If you think sleeping is but a passive activity, it isn’t.  Sleep is a…

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The Surprising Connection Between the Gut and the Brain

The Surprising Connection between the Gut and the Brain Imagine this: you are moments away from a crucial interview or a huge presentation; A strange tingling sensation brews in your stomach as if butterflies are flitting inside.  I’m sure you’ve felt this in other crucial moments of your life. The “butterflies in your stomach” is…

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