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Dr. Dixie Brown is an integrative practitioner and wellness coach specializing in the use of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM). She is the Founder and Executive Director of a treatment program for women in North Carolina and Florida. As Executive Director, her responsibilities include program design and development. Using her experience and education relating to psychology and integrative medicine she is able to place emphasis on complementary and alternative approaches to healing in the treatment process. Dixie holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and PhD in Mind-Body Medicine with certificates in Biofeedback and Integrative and Functional Nutrition.  Dixie also specializes in integrative approaches to trauma treatment including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Mind Body Medicine groups.

Dixie is also currently seeking certification in Biofeedback from BCIA and uses this approach regularly in her practice. Dixie’s dissertation research focused on the use of the BioSound Therapy System for the treatment of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome in the substance use population. The BioSound Therapy System integrates Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback with sound massage and guided imagery.

In addition, Dixie is a Group Fitness Instructor.  She offers group classes for PiYo LIVE, Strong by Zumba, and TRX.  She recognizes the value of integrating movement into our daily lives and how beneficial the community support of these classes is for our mental and emotional well-being.

As a woman in recovery from substance use and an eating disorder, her passion is driven be her own personal experience. As a result, Dixie’s personal experience influences her professional approach to working with others seeking recovery and to reach their life and wellness goals.


    • Ph.D. Mind-Body Medicine, Saybrook University, Oakland, CA
    • M.S. Psychology, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Palm Beach, FL
    • B.A. Management and Sociology, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH
    • Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor
    • Certified Addiction Professional, State of Florida
    • Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, State of North Carolina
    • Certified Clinical Supervisor Intern, State of North Carolina
    • Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, State of Florida
    • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, State of North Carolina
    • Licensed Strong by Zumba Instructor
    • Licensed Zumba Instructor
    • Licensed PiYo LIVE Instructor
    • Licensed TRX Instructor


Substance use disorders, eating disorders, trauma, goal setting, wellness plans, and integrative treatment approaches

What Our Clients Say

Success Stories

I started the Advocare 80 day challenge in March 2018. I lost 10 pounds so far, but the best part at this point is the energy I have…I am working out 3x a week, which it has been years since I have had the energy to do anything. I get support from both Jeff and Dixie by video calls anytime I need some encouragement. It has been an awesome experience to do something good for my body. I am grateful to both Jeff and Dixie to be on this journey with me!

Annette K.

Spark has changed my life! For those that say, “sure it did”, I want to tell my story. I tried it at first because of the energy and mental focus. However, after a week I suddenly realized that my painful hand and foot cramps, which I had had for a few years, were not happening anymore! The doctors had been doing tests for various things, I was told to take magnesium and potassium. That helped slightly, but they continued to increase. Now I’m having no further problems, unless I forget to take Spark! That, and the energy increase, means that I will never stop using this product!

Kathy B.

Dixie has a wealth of information and experience in the Healing Arts. Her easy going nature allowed me to relax and feel comfortable around her right away. She knows when to push and when to take a step back. She’s helped me to reach big and small goals and for that I’m forever grateful.

Linnae H.